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1. When do I put the order?
You can put the order any time or as soon as you know what are your requirements. The system will ask for delivery date. We will deliver the product on the delivery date you selected.
2. How do you deliver the products to us?
We use FedEx priority overnight delivery to deliver the flowers and Garlands. FedEx normally deliver them between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM.
3. How much lead time do you need?
We need at least one week notice for almost all items. The order must be placed through internet or via phone at least one week before the delivery date. However we can ship locally made garlands and flowers in short notice.
4. Does the product price include shipping cost?
No, it does not include shipping cost.
It is easy to get the delivery cost from FedEx even before you check out. As soon as you have some items in your shopping cart, the system will take you to page where there is a window to get estimated shipping cost. Enter your state and zip code, the system will go to FedEx and get a special Fancy Florist negotiated rate from FedEx which is 50 % of their normal rate. Therefore you getting 50 % discount in delivery cost.
5. How do I pay for my purchases?
You can use any credit card when you are placing the order via internet. The credit will be charged at the time of placing the order. We will give refund for flowers not arriving on time and good condition. The refund will be a made to the original credit card used in placing the order. Your satisfaction is our priority.
6. How do I track my shipment?
We normally input your e-mail address into FedEx system at the time of preparing shipping label. You will be notified by FedEx as soon as the shipment leaves our shop. You can monitor the status any time by calling 1-800-463-3339. We also monitor the shipment status and notify you if we see any problem.
7. How do I add or delete items after placing the order via internet?
When you place order via internet, the system will send a copy of your order with specific order number. The order number is our reference number. You can call us at (716)838-0844 to discuss your order by giving us the order number. With that order number, we can pull out your order and make any changes requested.
8. How do I customize the garland or any other item?
We have provided special instruction section for you to give us your instruction. Mostly it is used to tell us any changes you want us to make to the product you are ordering. If you do not need any change and you want exactly as it appears in the web site, you do not have enter anything in the special instruction section. If we do not understand your instruction, someone will call you to clarify or ask question to understand you requirements correctly. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We want you to be happy with our products.
9. How do I place the order for wedding Mandap?
You can send us an E-mail listing all items you want us to provide for your wedding and also date and venue for the wedding. We will reply back to you giving you the estimate for your wedding package including travel cost. We charge $ 0.75 per mile on return miles from Buffalo, NY to the place of wedding. Also we expect customer to provide one room with two beds accommodation at the place of wedding or near the place of wedding. After you received the estimate, we will call you to discuss the estimate.
10. How do I pay for wedding Mandap order?
If you decided to book our Mandap for your wedding, we will ask you for $ 500.00 deposit at the time of booking. The balance you pay after the wedding is over. You can send us a check or pay via credit after your function is successfully completed.
11. Is it possible to customize your Mandap?
Most of our mandap can be customized to meet your color scheme. Since we use fresh flowers, you can select the color of the flowers to go with your color scheme. The best way to find out what is possible is to give us a call and discuss your requirements.
12. Do you give special discount for temple or non-profit organizations?
Yes, we have special price list for garlands and flowers for temples and non-profit organizations. You can call us at (716) 838-0844 or send us E-mail listing your requirements, we will be glad to give you a quote.