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Fancy Florist is not just about business, It’s also about tradition. Born and raised in the sacred village of Ālwārthirunagari, the birth place of Sri Nammālvār, in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, India, Lakshman Varadan learned to make garlands for the temple at the age of eight. He came to Canada in 1965. Graduated and worked as Engineer for several years, he never had opportunity to practice his family skill until 1988. In 1988, Hindu community in Toronto, Canada, built a temple in Toronto.

Varadan began volunteering his time and skill to provide fresh flower garland to temple in Toronto bringing the authentic traditions of Ālwārthirunagari to the homes of Indian abroad. When demand grew for garlands, Varadan started the first Indian Flower shop dedicated to serving Hindu and Muslim communities in North America. With two stores in Canada and United States, Fancy Florist now provides fresh flower garlands for all functions.

Fancy Florist also offers fresh Jasmine and other fragrant flower garlands imported from India every week.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  The system will charge your credit card when the order was place. Any additon will be charged only after you received the flower. Any refund for items deleted or items received in bad condition will be made to the credit used in placing the order. You can place the order for flowers and garlands at any time. The system will ask for delivery date. We arrange for the products to arrive on the delivery date you select via UPS. Varadan, using his engineering knowledge, designed and built wedding Mandaps. Our Mandaps are unique and are fully decorated with fresh flowers. Fancy Florist is about bringing a piece of India to your home!